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October 1, 2011 / box1510

Ambien and Suicide, has anyone know of this to happen to their loved one?

Please, if you or anyone else you know are currently taking Ambien, talk to your Dr. It was to later for our family but it could save someone elses loved one. After going to a therapist this week to help with my loss, she without a doubt, said this was not a planned suicide, but an interaction , chemical imbalance STRONGLY related to taking the Ambien for the past two months. She also told me there is a class action suit already going on,

Answer by thomas p
The mystery to me is what was the interacting agent? I have never heard of an Ambien interaction. But, I have only spoken with medical researchers and maybe a class action law office would realize the dangers of Ambien even when taken at the recommended dosage. I know that Prozac was assigned blame for many suicides in spite of the great help it provided to depressed patients. Is the therapist a medical doctor or a psychologist or psychiatric social worker rather than someone trained in chemistry? Ambien is now in a generic version demonstrating a long therapeutic experience with the medication. I would question the comment of the “therapist.”

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