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December 4, 2012 / box1510

How soon after taking ambien are you safe to drive?

A is for Ambien: (Mommys little helper) price


How soon after taking ambien are you safe to drive? I took an ambien (10 or 20mg, I don’t remember for sure) about 7ish hours ago. I slept for the entire time, am I safe to drive yet? I am new to taking ambien, so I don’t know these things. How long will it take the ambien to completely wear off?
Ambien should only be taken before you go to sleep which means no driving or other complex tasks for 8 hours. People just starting on Ambien are also at greater risk for a variety of side effects that decrease in frequency with repeated regular use (weeks not days). One serious problem is sleep driving. Yes, actually driving while you are in a sleep like trance, induced by Ambien. I would definitely not drive except the morning after taking Ambien and especially with higher doses.
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