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December 4, 2012 / box1510

How much does ambien 10’s cost on the streer?

A is for Ambien: (Mommys little helper) price


How much does ambien 10’s cost on the streer?My friend got some ambiens but I think he got mad ripped off. I heard it was like 5 per 10g. But Idk.Your friend is an idiot. You can buy them from a pharmacy for about ten cents a 10mg pill. I know, I paid six dollars for a bottle of sixty. Do the math….

It has many side allergy ,obnubilation. Of course, it’s depend on yourself!
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December 4, 2012 / box1510

How soon after taking ambien are you safe to drive?

A is for Ambien: (Mommys little helper) price


How soon after taking ambien are you safe to drive? I took an ambien (10 or 20mg, I don’t remember for sure) about 7ish hours ago. I slept for the entire time, am I safe to drive yet? I am new to taking ambien, so I don’t know these things. How long will it take the ambien to completely wear off?
Ambien should only be taken before you go to sleep which means no driving or other complex tasks for 8 hours. People just starting on Ambien are also at greater risk for a variety of side effects that decrease in frequency with repeated regular use (weeks not days). One serious problem is sleep driving. Yes, actually driving while you are in a sleep like trance, induced by Ambien. I would definitely not drive except the morning after taking Ambien and especially with higher doses.
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October 1, 2011 / box1510

Ambien CR on overnight long haul flight?

A is for Ambien: (Mommys little helper) price

Does anyone have any experience to share with using a sleeping pill like Ambien CR on an overnight long haul flight? I have a pretty lengthy all-night flight coming up and would like to make sure I get some rest, but am a bit cautious that I might just end up feeling drugged and dizzy. I’ve used Ambien CR often at home with no bad effects, but never on a plane. Thanks for your insights in advance!

Answer by iceman
Yes.. I found it to be incredible. in the past I have tried xanax but get way to groggy and feel wierd.

I took one on a 9 hour flight from Honolulu to Newark. I took it about 90 mins into the flight ( after dinner), and next thing I knew it was about 1 hour until we land. I slept like a rock for 6 hours straight which is something i never do on planes. And really wasnt groggy at all. A little disoriented for a few mins, but then felt great. I am always going to do that for every flight over 8 hours from now on.

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October 1, 2011 / box1510

Ambien and Suicide, has anyone know of this to happen to their loved one?

Please, if you or anyone else you know are currently taking Ambien, talk to your Dr. It was to later for our family but it could save someone elses loved one. After going to a therapist this week to help with my loss, she without a doubt, said this was not a planned suicide, but an interaction , chemical imbalance STRONGLY related to taking the Ambien for the past two months. She also told me there is a class action suit already going on,

Answer by thomas p
The mystery to me is what was the interacting agent? I have never heard of an Ambien interaction. But, I have only spoken with medical researchers and maybe a class action law office would realize the dangers of Ambien even when taken at the recommended dosage. I know that Prozac was assigned blame for many suicides in spite of the great help it provided to depressed patients. Is the therapist a medical doctor or a psychologist or psychiatric social worker rather than someone trained in chemistry? Ambien is now in a generic version demonstrating a long therapeutic experience with the medication. I would question the comment of the “therapist.”

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